Mailing Address                                                                                                 Physical Location
400 S. Eucalyptus St.                                                                                           400 S. Eucalyptus St.
Sebring, Fl  33870-3720                                                                                       Sebring, Fl  33870-3720

Website:   www.highlandssheriff.org


Frequently Used Numbers:

Sheriff Paul Blackman  863-402-7213 Fax: 402-7296
Undersheriff Mike Brown
FSA Task Coord.
 863-402-7277 Fax: 402-7296
Detention Information  863-402-7201 Fax: 402-7282
Finance/Payroll  863-402-7216 Fax: 402-7296
General Counsel  863-402-7213 Fax: 402-7296
General Information  863-402-7211 Fax: 402-7296
Human Resources 863-402-7218 Fax: 402-7205
Judicial Process 863-402-7227 Fax: 402-7475
Law Enforcement Information 863-402-7206 Fax: 402-7285
Purchasing 863-402-7266 Fax: 402-7344
Records Request 863-402-7232 Fax: 402-7207








 Avon Park North District 863-402-7800  Fax: 402-7809 
 Sebring Sun 'n Lake 863-314-9839 Fax: 385-0435
 Lake Placid 863-402-7854 Fax: 465-4958 


Office of Sheriff:

 Business Division Rob Reed 863-402-7215  [email protected]
 Human Resources Kathy Fluharty 863-402-7263  [email protected]
 Information Technology Rob Jordan  863-402-7257  [email protected]
 Crime Prevention Nell Hays 863-402-7369 [email protected]
 Public Information Officer Scott Dressel 863-402-7841 [email protected]
 Public Records Liz Peralta  863-402-7234  [email protected]
 Internal Affairs Lt. Sean Casey 863-402-7351  [email protected]
 General Counsel Garrett Roberts 863-402-7213  [email protected]

Detention Bureau:

 Bureau Commander Major Tim Lethbridge 863-402-7468 [email protected]
 Security Capt. Bobby Green  863-402-7204 [email protected]
 Operations Capt. Kenny Pendarvis 863-402-7278 [email protected]
 To Receive Messages Deb Owens  863-402-7212  [email protected]
 Transportation/Classifications Lt. Chris Ritenour 863-402-7281 [email protected]

Law Enforcement Bureau:

Bureau Commander/FSA Task Force Major Darin Hood 863-402-7277 [email protected]
Patrol Division Capt. James McGann 863-402-7463 [email protected]
Specialized Services Division Capt. Kenny Johnson 863-402-7381 [email protected]
Bailiff Unit Lt. Greg Pearlman 863-402-6874 [email protected]
Judicial Process/Warrants Unit Lt. Manny Gonzalez 863-402-7345  [email protected]
Property/Evidence/Crime Scene Unit Lt. Jack Bailey  863-402-7228  [email protected]
Criminal Investigation Division Capt. Keith Starling  863-402-7838  [email protected]
Criminal Investigations Unit Lt. Brian Kramer 863-402-7279 [email protected]
Special Victims Unit/Victim Advocate/SRO/DARE Lt. Anthony McGann 863-402-7334 [email protected]
Special Operations/Crime Suppression Unit Lt. Mike Brod 863-402-7209  [email protected] 
COPS Unit Lt. Tyrone Tyson 863-402-7825 [email protected]
Operations Division/Dispatch/Fleet Capt. John Barcinas 863-402-7837 [email protected]
FSA Task Force/Terrorist Task/Homeland Security Capt. Kenny Johnson 863-402-7381 [email protected]